Business Lunch במסעדת ניין בר 9bar, מרינה הרצליה

menu מסעדת ניין בר 9bar, מרינה הרצליה

ניין בר 9bar


Business 49 ILS
49 ₪
Green leaf salad / vegetables in tempura
Main Course
Tuna salad / halumi cheese salad / one roll of sushi of your choice
Light drink oranges / lemonade
Business 89 ILS
89 ₪
Green salad / tempura vegetables / tempura chicken / frena bread and dips
Main Course
Hamburger / Grilled Chicken Breast / Schnitzel / Chicken or beef Noodles / Chicken Pad thai / Grilled spring Chicken Steak
Chips / white rice / stir-fried rice / potatos
soft drinks
Oranges / Lemonade
Business 159 ILS
159 ₪
Carpaccio sirloin / saviche white fish / frena bread and dips/
Tahina and humos with pita bread
Main Course
Two sushi rolls of choice from the menu / 250 g of fine entrecote steak / whole breamd (denis) grilled / salmon fillet
Chips / steamed vegetables / white rice / stir-fried rice / potatos / green beans
Beverages from Coca Cola and soft drinks